Share Your Prayer (and turn on your audio)

This painting (Sacred Heart with Sts. Catherine 
of Siena and Margaret Mary Alacoque, by
Corrado Mezzana) is found in a side chapel at 
Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, Rome. The 
extraordinary story of this particular picture 
is found HERE.
For where two or three 
are gathered together in my name, 
there am I in the midst of them.
Matthew 18:20

Tap into the protection and power of unified prayer, and help us develop the full potential of The Virtual Chapel of Perpetual Prayer: a Catholic community that seeks to offer live prayers and Spiritual readings, continuously, online.

The Virtual Chapel has no physical location but, for listeners, will be found at www.PerpetualPrayer.org, from wherever anyone has access to the Internet.

This is the first phase in the establishment of the Virtual Chapel, which includes equipment testing. Now, we need volunteers! God willing, we plan to have Prayer Leaders soon offering, from their homes, continuous live prayers and spiritual readings, while numerous Prayer Partners listen in, from around the globe. We have worked out the technology issues to conveniently share your live prayers.

We invite you to study the variety of resources made available on this website, where traditional Catholic prayers will be recited. But Prayer Leaders will also have some flexibility in designing the content their prayer sessions, including Community-approved readings from Sacred Scripture, the Liturgy of the Hours, the lives of saints, and many of the great spiritual classics. These Prayer Leaders will arrange their prayer sessions for whatever time they choose to schedule for themselves (in half hour increments). In short, they decide their level of commitment, in accordance with whenever they are available for this worthy cause. Prayer Leaders may choose to commit from a half hour every week, up to an hour every day.

They will be performing responsibilities similar to the way Lectors conduct their Scripture readings at Mass. However, the readings will be offered from each Prayer Leader's home computer, from anywhere in the world, via Skype, and using an inexpensive headset that is made available on this website. (Training emails, for interested volunteers, will describe the process more completely, after requesting them from vcoppKen@gmail.com.)

We are now in a testing and training phase, with limited live prayer sessions. We hope you will listen in. Then, order The Book of Perpetual Prayer (linked at the "Approved Books" tab, above) to learn this Prayer Community's guidelines, as well as its broad collection of traditional Catholic prayers. Regardless of whether you eventually become a Prayer Leader, this book will enrich your prayer life with one of the best collections of Catholic prayers available anywhere.

So, please assist this important cause. Imagine the Spiritual comfort that will be brought to Christians of all walks of life, but especially at the bedsides of the lonely, the sick and the dying. If, after prayerful discernment, you desire to learn more, please email your interest to the Virtual Chapel's Executive Director at vcoppKen@gmail.com.

But, regardless of whether this is your calling, please pass our new website address on to your prayerful friends: www.PerpetualPrayer.org.

May God bless you and all the intentions of this Perpetual Prayer Community.


Our Sacred Music:

These recordings are from the annual Sacred Music Colloquium sponsored by the Church Music Association of America. 
They are used with permission. More information on this year's colloquium can be found at Sacred Music Colloquium.