Our Community

The fervent prayer
of a righteous person 
is very powerful.
James 5:16

Please join our growing global Community as we progress toward continuous online prayer. Perhaps more than ever, the world needs prayer warriors. 

The Virtual Chapel of Perpetual Prayer does not accept monetary donations. We simply ask for your prayers. Costs associated with sustaining this Virtual Chapel are born by Vero House Publishing Corp. 

However, you can assist our prayerful Community in these two ways:

  1. First, become a Prayer Partner, praying with us, online, whenever you can. Eventually, as our scheduling progresses, you will be able listen, not only during your private prayer times, but when getting ready for work, for example, or when cooking dinner, or even when falling off to sleep. From your smart phone, you might join us in prayer before catching a flight, or while waiting for an appointment. Even try browsing the news of today's prayer needs while listening, in the background, to our site's soothing, sacred music and peaceful, live prayers. Please pass on our web address (www.PerpetualPrayer.org) to your faithful friends.
  2. Second, for those ready for a leadership role, we seek your assistance as Prayer Leaders who will personally design the content of their prayer sessions, including prayers and readings from Spiritual classics, as long as Community-approved resources are used. They will choose whether they want each session to last either a half hour, or an hour. Responsible volunteers for this role are vitally important in order to accomplish our goal of continuous, vocal prayer.  
We do not solicit or accept donations. However, minor costs are associated with service as Prayer Leaders. First, The Book of Perpetual Prayer ($15.00 USD) is a necessary resource for leading prayers. Its first chapter explains Community guidelines, and the rest of the book includes many of the Catholic Church's most inspiring prayers. It is not a book for your bookshelf, but one that is meant to be used regularly, with the Perpetual Prayer Community. Becoming familiar with this book is the first step in the process of serving God through this Community. It is available through Amazon.com on our website's link. (Our book distribution network will cover most English-speaking countries, throughout the world.) Also, in order to vary your daily readings and prayers, you may choose to purchase some of the other books that have been approved by the Perpetual Prayer Community, and linked on this site. (Free, online reading sources also are linked on the site.) Finally, the purchase of an inexpensive computer microphone will be necessary for readings (which is also linked on this website).

So, if you hope to assist our Community, first order The Book of Perpetual Prayer, and become familiar with its guidelines and prayers while listening as a Prayer Partner. At this beginning stage, Prayer Partners can listen to intermittent live prayer training and equipment testing sessions.

Then, if you discern a greater calling to take the next step, request our brief training emails, at vcoppken@gmail.com

May God call you to participate in this worthwhile prayer ministry, and may He bless the intentions of the Perpetual Prayer Community!